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*Ultra strong peel strength
Yuntai aluminium-plastic composite panel adopts new technique and improves the key technical index of aluminum composite panel peeling strength to the best state, thus increasing the panel flatness and weathering resistance accordingly.

*Light material easy for processing
Yuntai aluminium-plastic composite panel, with the weight only about 3.55.5 kg/sqm, thus reduces the damage to shaking disaster, and it is easy for shipping. With excellent performance, only with wood tools it can do the following jobs such as cutting, shearing, edge planning, bending into arc shape, all kinds for right-angle shape. It is easy to be stalled and operated, greatly reducing operation cost.

*Outstanding fireproof performance
Yuntai aluminium-plastic composite panel has inflaming retarding PE plastic core material in the middle and both sides of the aluminum layer is non-inflammable safe fireproof material, satisfying the fireproof demands of construction regulations.

*Impact resistance
It has strong impact resistance and toughness. The surface paint will not be damaged when bended and no damage will be caused by wind send even in areas with large sand blown by wind.

*Superior Weather Resistance
Ultra strong weathering resistance due to PVDF fluorocarbon lacquer with the KYNAR-500 as its base material. It has unique advantage in weathering resistance. No matter in hot sun or severe snow, the beautiful appearance will be not damaged and color fastness will be available for 20 years.

*Coating even color variety
After the application of the conversion coating and Henkel film technology, the adhesiveness between paint and aluminum panel becomes even and large variety of colors are available for your choice to be unique.

*Easy to maintain
Yuntai aluminium-plastic composite panel has improved its pollution resistance. In our country, the cities are seriously polluted. After used for several years, maintenance and cleaning of the product are necessary. Due to its good cleaning performance, it needs only neutral cleaning agent and clean water. After cleaned, panel will look new again.

1) Well weather-resistance, high rigidity, easy for maintenance, only neutral cleanser and water needed for its self-clean performance;
2) Easy finishing with conventional woodworking tools. Short time needs for project;
3) Good workability, fire-resistance, heat & sound insulation;
4) High flexibility and impact-resistance, superior surface flatness, lightweight, rigid;
5) Various colours are available according your needs;
6) Competitive price and quick delivery.

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