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1Painting Equipments

The company owns the international forerunners importing coating line.The equipment is total 130m long and the aluminum is 480m.It can change the aluminum roll from different equipments with double toast.The width is over 1.8m and the thicknss is from 0.10mm to 0.80mm.The precision steel-rolls coating can make the suface of the aluminum coil good glossiness,strong adhensive force and corrosin resistance,whose quality can reach the leading level in domestic.The technology of tension,numerical control and man-machine interface used so that the coating thickness and its quality are under proper control .The oven is divided into five temperture-controlled areas to make the coating reach the best condition in its solvent resistance,hardness ,flexibility.

2Compound device

The company introduced the world's leading aluminum composite panel production line technology, equipment, touch-screen computer intelligence control system, automatic ash removal system, smoke and other advanced technology to achieve high-precision, high quality, environmentally clean slag-based composite production. Advanced production lines, mature production technology and strict quality control to meet the requirements of high quality ACP.

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